Flip Murray


An inspiration to his peers and many who have followed after him, Ronald "Flip Murray" is Philadelphia's own basketball legend. Growing up in the tough streets of North Philadelphia, Murray began wowing his teammates and spectators with his basketball skills at Strawberry Mansion High. After going through community college, Murray went on to play with Shaw University, in North Carolina, where he made huge impact. In his senior year, he won won National MVP award of al DII Colleges, and was 46th pick in the subsequent NBA draft.

Murray went on to play a successful 8 years in the NBA for Seattle Sonics, ....




About the Pro-Am

When: June 22, 2019 (Saturdays & Sundays)

Where: William Hicks-Anderson Gym, 501 N Madison St, Wilmington, DE

Per Person: $125

Per Team (10 Players): $1250


You can register for the Flip Murray Pro-Am through 2 payment methods:

  1. Through EventBrite at the following link, where you will submit both registration information and payment: Register through EventBrite 
  2. Or as we are aware that many people like to pay through CashApp, we have made that option available too. Cash App $FMProAm and email registration forms below to











Pro-Am Instagram Feed


Flip Murray Pro-Am Cash app $FMProAm

Announcements coming in next few days. 
#FlipMurrayProAmAllStars #Summer2019
@flipmurray22 is going to select a team of all stars from the @flipmurrayproam  to head up the I-95 and compete against @kingtimthomas and @hoopsvilleproam in #BattleOfTheProAms
Register now before it’s too late. 
#flipmurrayproam @flipmurray22

Don’t miss out, register now before it’s too late. @flipmurray22
Roster update for I-95 Legends
Please pay deposits if you haven’t already ASAP. While we will still order all uniforms, if we don’t have deposit, we will still order enough uniforms but no deposit will mean no name.
#BreakingNews #Announcement
................... @flipmurray22 & @kingtimthomas 
bring you #BattleOfTheProAms
@flipmurrayproam  @hoopsvilleproam @flipmurrayproam @kingtimthomas 
@melbadelphia @mr_shajones
I-95 Legends team got bigger with the addition of Shawn Pep G Green aka @pepg04 and tentatively Daryl Sanders, both big scorers and huge pick-ups. 
And already great players to start with in this team. Gets better and better.
Bruce Caple, Marcus Williams,Steve Green, Eric Cotton, Moe Nelson, Anthony Jenkins  @just_bruce21 @_ecotto12 @stevengreen166 @moe3nelson @coachjenkins84
#AreYouReady #FlipMurrayProAm
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And here we go with first edition of Free Agents. There is a lot of interest so this team may grow and if by too much we may have 2 free agent teams. 
A lot of future stars in this team. And Flip himself will be coaching the Free Agents.
@mrkeyz00 @wavyxsahhh @deucemensah @jmyers__  @taylor_d_w_b_k_t @rashon5 @rashon97 @ezMoney_02 @chinkxnev @1.roland_ @1.cere_ @fiqpf_17 @rashon97
It’s going to be a hot Summer.
Diamond State Warriors aka DSW roster.
Consisting of players who have been both overseas pros and pros at home, we look forward to having them do what they do in the #FlipMurrayProAm
#DiamondStateWarriors #DSW @flipmurray22
Take your game next level with the @FlipMurrayProAm
Sending in for uniforms today. 
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2007 | Flip Murray posterizes Kirk Hinrich
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Don’t forget Memorial week special to register for the Flip Murray Pro-Am runs through Monday June 3rd.
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#FlipMurrayProAm begins June 29...
Games run through end of July, every Saturday and Sunday.
Take your game next level. * * * * * * * *

Cash app: $FMProAm 
Or .........
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Hi all, we need to push back start date a week to June 29.
We will be putting in uniform orders on Tuesday evening (tomorrow evening).
Those who have paid in full or paid deposit will get name and preferred number on uniform. Those who do not have deposit in will get whichever number is assigned.
Thank you.
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#FlipMurrayProAm begins June 22...
Take your game next level.
Cash app Full or partial payment to $FMProAm 
Or register and pay at:
#memorialweek special 20% off
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@flipmurray22 @melbadelphia @flipmurrayproam
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#FlipMurrayProAm Summer 2019...
We need names and sizes as soon as possible if you intend to play.
Take your game next level.
Register now before it’s too late. 
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Rashon Johnson @rashon5
Age: 19
Height: 6’ 6”
JUCO Track: 
College Sophomore
Highland CC, KS 2019/2020
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#FlipMurrayProAm #PlayerProfile * * *
Sincere Jacobs-Holloman @1.cere_ 
Age: 18
Height: 6’ 2”
College Freshman